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Friday, December 9, 2011

C.L.E.A.R Solution to Better Scalp Care

Ever experience hair fall as drastic as mine?

I leave traces of hair wherever I go, and there is even once I suspected myself of being sick.

I mean, who will drop hair as much as I do?

Perhaps maybe because I have oily scalp?

Or maybe perhaps my hair breaks easily?

Or maybe . . . maybe . . .

There are too many maybe and I do not want to risk being bald.

Hence I decided to give my scalp a CLEAR overhaul.

Unlike other shampoo, Clear Nutrium 10 nourishes 3 scalp layers deep and strengthen hair from root to tip.

I used the Anti Hair Fall for about a week and realised that my hair does not drop as much as before.

And the Amazing thing is my hair actually felt softer and bouncier after the wash !!!

No conditioner nor serum is needed after the wash and my hair is airy and easier to style.

Awesome? Cool?

The Anti Hair Fall is definitely not as Cool as the Ice Cool Menthol of course.

The Ice Cool Menthol really delivers what she promise.

Menthonly Cool as Ice.

The wash is very refreshing and it perks me up after a long tiring day.

I felt as if I am enjoying a spa hair treatment at the convenience of my own.

I really love both the shampoo to the max as I can feel that my scalp has underwent CLEAR deep cleansing.

My scalp is awfully clean and healthy.

As the saying goes :
Woman are from Venus and Men are from Mars
CLEAR knows this well and hence cater another range Pro-Nutrium10 especially for the Men.

Yes, I know that I am not a Man and hence will not be so thick skin to keep the shampoo to myself.

I happily pass the shampoo to HIM as Christmas present and conveniently ask him how he felt.

This is what he said :

"The shampoo is very cooling. Really wakes me up and it is good when I need to have a CLEAR mind to think. My scalp is very clean too."

Are you babes also tempted by CLEAR and wish to try the shampoo too?

Fret Not.

You can now redeem the CLEAR shampoo at The Sample Store 

And you are on your way to soft, bouncy hair like mine.

And oh by the way, do submit a review of the shampoo you tried

And you can walk away with a  CLEAR Product Hamper worth $50.

Remember that contest ends on 31st December 2011.

PS : you can grab the bottles at Leading Pharmacies and Supermarkets.

PPS : have attached the price list for you babes, just in case . . .


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