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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Mistakes Are Sometimes The Best Memories

This post is dedicated to my BFF

Relationship is like glass

Sometimes it is better to leave them shattered

Than trying to hurt yourself by piecing them back together

For Love never dies a natural death

It dies because we do not know how to replenish its source

It dies of blindness and errors and betrayals

It dies of illness and wounds

It dies of weariness and withering

Once Love has faded

It is already lost

You might think holding on makes you happy

But sometimes

Letting go makes you happier

Never be sad for what is over

Just be glad that it was once yours

If you really love him

Let him go

Let him fly and soar high into the sky

If he loves you

He will come back to you

If he does not

You are never meant to be

No matter what happens

I will always be here

Please do not force a smile

Just to stop the tears from falling

It is not where you start

But where you end that counts

So long as you have love

There is no regret

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