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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Olay Regenerist

Remember last year I won the Olay Project 360?

I won the Olay Regenerist and how I was the Overall winner with the major transformation.

Everybody knew me as the girl with very sensitive skin whose skin will flustered even under light or outdoor for less than a min.

* I have deleted all my ugly photos and none to show now since I have enjoyed good skin from then

I really have Olay Project 360 Olay Regenerist to thank for te turning point in my life.

Without Olay Rengerist, I would not have crystal clear skin which is not only supple, but wrinkle free and fair.

Don't believe?

I remembered that time during the campaign, I experienced harsh major outbreaks during the first trial.

My face was hot and red like sunburnt after my first night of usage.

I went back to the Olay scientist, and without me telling him anything, it's pretty apparent from my naked skin.

He told me to preserve through the first few days and see.

Since I am with Olay Project 360, I had no choice but to go through with it.

I mean hey, I am with the Project and I don't believe Olay Scientist would see me die right?

With that mindset, I carry on.

I religiously use the series day and night without other third party products.

I admit I have the urge and tendency at times to mix but I dint.

After about 1 month, I went back to Olay for skin checks.

Not only the Nuffnang girls can't recognize me, even my team mates, find my skin amazing the moment I strip off my makeup.

Even the Olay scientist was appalled at my results.

From a red red sunburnt naked skin to a fair fair supple skin . . .

The result is Amazing.

What took all of us aback is the repair of my sensitive skin.

None of us expected the results to be so good.

And in fact, I did not notice the difference in my Skin without the team and scientist telling me.

They simply went "Wow, what did you use?"

"Olay Regenrist" was and is still my reply ( •ॢ◡-ॢ)-♡

Let me show you how hygiene the product is

The opening is closed with a so called plug Which I have never come across in other pumping products.

This is a plus point as it ensures 100% fresh and without oxidization.

The texture may seems thick and oily initially but after you have spread it well and evenly across your face, it is well highly absorbed into your skin.

It has somehow transform from thick oily to liquid form Which is easily absorbed.

One trick was I spread and patted the product into my skin for deeper penetration.

Maybe it's a myth, but it works for me :)

Its been quite some time since the filming and I have been using the product till now.

I am still enjoying supple baby skin which is wrinkle free and most important red red and broken capillaries free.

I am happy with my results and am still continuing till date.

If not for the scientist who ask me to preserve through the initial stage, I would not have such d-ong d-ong skin now.

Yes, my team was known as d-Ong d-Ong which means bouncy

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  1. レイバンを買ったって、あいつ最近調子に乗りまくって、気に入らない!俺だって、レイバン ウェイファーラー持ってるし、3本も持ってるよ!あの大人気なレイバン RB2140だって持ってるよ、負けられない!