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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Avoid Leaving Lipsticks on Your Wine Glass

Ever had such embarrassing moments where you will leave your lip gloss or lipstick stains on your glass?

I hate it loads and hence will never ever apply colored lip gloss

Just a coat of lip balm or transparent lip gloss

What my other girlfriends would do is to use a straw

But then again, they would also leave stains on the straw which is still unsightly

Then some would say use Matt lipsticks

But Matt lipsticks will still leave a wee bit of stain regardless what

And even then, it is very drying for lips

Then some people would say, foundation, lipstick, blot etc

These do not work exactly

Would you go without lip gloss?

And lip gloss because of its high shine, will come off easily too







If I share with you, that there is a lip gloss which stays

Lip gloss which is lasting and waterproof

Would you be amazed and surprised?


Make Up For Ever really has such range
Aqua Rouge Lipstick is awfully Long Lasting and Water Proof

Not only is the color Long Lasting

The Glossy High Shine Top Coat is Long Lasting and Water Proof as well

I am Shocked


I have never ever hear of Water Proof Lasting Lip Gloss

This is the range of Aqua Rouge

The colors are pretty isn't it?

Very wearable and easy to carry off

Let's put Aqua Rouge to the test

See how pigmented and glossy Aqua Rouge is

I cannot remember the shade, sorry.

I am going to rub it with cream and oil remover

See how dirty and black the area is?

I rubbed it vigorously for about 5 minutes






See that?

The color and shine still remains

The color is still that dazzling with shimmer

Aqua Rouge is not only Long Lasting and Water Proof

It is NON Transferable as well !!!







You can feel safe and secure kissing, french kissing with your partner

cox he is never ever going to have your stains all over him

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