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Friday, July 27, 2012

A New Me : No Downtime No Surgical By Freezing Your Fats + Rejuvenating Facial

OK, so I was done with my exams

Like finally . . .

It is a month of Projects, Practical and Theory exams

I simply cannot devote the month of July to pure research and studying








So . . . I decided to Pamper myself a Wee . . . Bit

Yes . . .

Just a wee bit

And I booked myself with an Aesthetic Clinic

I have done extensive googling and forum-ing before I decided to land myself with HealthSprings

They have received quite a number of awards from Woman's Weekly and Simply Her

And I trust Aesthetic Clinic than commercial salon.

Well, I am not being biased


At least Aesthetic Clinic is headed by Doctor and is definitely more safe since they are registered with MOH

Back to myself

It is always my Dream my Wish or rather my WANT

to have a not-so-sensitive skin which does not redden easily under light, sunlight or spot light

I have been seeing several dermatologist including those well known and famous in the industry

And fancy them to discharge me as they cannot help me with my skin

I was like . . . OK . . . so I have to live with it

And since then, I do not step into any other clinics as I have lost faith or rather, resign myself to fate

So, the next on my To-Do list is to flatten or rather tone my tummy.


You might think I look alright


You are wrong.

I know how to disguise my flaws, my weakness using Colors & Styles

Hence you cannot really see my bulging tummy

Anyway who would love to showcase or parade around with their not-so-perfect figure yea?

I have tried slimming teas, replacement diets, or even wraps or crunches or sit-ups


So since July is my birthday month

I decided to take up Slimming Package to keep my tummy in check

And having read from May issue of Woman's Weekly

I decided to take the plunge with

They will access my medical health and history as well as calculating my body's BMI and nutritional needs

They will then recommend suitable weight management program to help me keep my weight off.


They actually teach me how to calculate calories, advising me what physical exercise or activities I can engage in

So it is NOT like those typical slimming salons where you are FAT and UGLY everywhere

And you will be insulted if you do not take up their few thousands package.

Doctor Soh of HealthSprings is very friendly, honest and reliable.

She does not promise me anything when I first consulted her and she does not push me any products or package.

Awesome? Yea . . .

Anyway, I called up the clinic about their Lipocryo Treatment

It works by cooling unwanted fats without surgery or downtime.

And I am curious.

Most, if not all, slimming creams or salons will always want to burn our unwanted fats away.

And this is my first time Cooling My UNWANTED FATS AWAY

The therapist who attended to me had my thickness of fats measured

She then applied a layer of cooling gel on my tummy and

Had me sit up and placed something like a vacuum cleaner to suck my fats

This is how the machine looks like

Initially it felt like a suction and  I felt a inch of pain like somebody pinching my tummy

But not long after, it is really cooling and comfortable

And I got to rest on the bed.

Side view of my tummy

Front View

After the treatment

In case you babes wonder why do I have all these shots of Before and After

And if I am being sponsored and biased of my reviews

Then I am afraid to disappoint you.

HealthSprings keep a photographic documenation of their patients' Before and After and for every review

I had to ask them for the photos so that I can keep an online journal of my slimming journey

Anyway, back to my tummy which is more important

There is redness on my tummy which is being sucked

but I do not feel any pain or sore or numbness as some other patients might experienced.

*cross my fingers and thank god*

I can feel that my tummy fats are softer, and more loosen

Inch lost, I am not too sure as yet as the result can only be visible about after 15 days and more apparent after a month

The whole session is about 30-45 minutes and while I was resting, I had my Rejuvenating Facial

And boy was my tired skin being pampered.

The therapist without even me saying, mentioned that my skin look dehydrated, tired and dull

And I agreed with her totally.

My skin was awfully burnt out from the past few weeks of researching and studying.

I let myself loose.

From what I can remember, the steps are as follows:

* Cleanse

* Scrub

* Diamond Polish

* Steam

* Extraction

* Massage

* Ultra Sound

* Mask

I was pretty excited as the clinic claims that I would see instantaneous differences

I was also worried and anxious as I would always look red and ugly after a facial

Fingers crossed.






I believe some of you had already seen my RAW face from my face book

I am shocked with the results.

My face is NOT in the least bit red, and in fact, my face is super fairer, clearer and hydrated.

I can feel that my skin is more supple, plumped up with no visible pores.

And my broken capillaries seems fainter.

I am so shocked of the results that I keep thanking Dr Soh.

The other Dermatologist had me brainwashed that my skin is a Goner, cannot be salvaged anymore.

It has been about a week

And my skin is still soft, hydrated and supple.

Neither does my skin reddens easily under the sun, the light or even anything.

I went out for an Event just yesterday evening without makeup, only eyeliner

And people thought I had changed my foundation, or BB cream or powder.

I had them touched and rubbed my face if they want to

No powder Nothing.

I do not know photo shop and this is really direct from my camera.

I am so happy and satisfied with the magic Dr Soh had worked on my skin

I am not sure how long the clarity can maintain but I am sure to do my best to upkeep the clarity.

I am still keeping my fingers cross to how much inch I can lost from LipoCryo 

And I will keep you babes updated after a month.

I am looking forward to a NEW me and a NEW life

Having me to walk out in the street, makeup-less and ditching away those black baggy pants or dress.

Do check out HealthSprings Face Book Fan Page for more current treatment for a NEW you.