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Friday, July 13, 2012

Secrets to Achieve a Pair of Smooth, Slender Legs

Would you not want a pair of smooth slender legs?

Even Jennifer Aniston has to maintain her legs.







What am I waiting for, right?

The full range of Nip + Fab products from S$15.90 to S$29.90; which are available in Singapore Watsons

Anyway, my leg is really dry and itching the other day just after my bath


I took out the Nip + Fab Dry Leg Fix : S$15.90 to try

And boy, am I amazed and buy over.

The cream is really thick yet not oily to feel

It also immediately ease my itch and gives my leg a luxurious silky feel.

But that aside

What I am amazed is the after glowing effect and 24 hour locking of hydration from within.

After I applied Nip + Fab Dry Leg Fix, I went out immediately for an outdoor shoot.

It was really a long, tiring sunny day.

Fancy tugging along a heavy makeup bag + makeup application in the Sun

And to make sure that the makeup stays fresh, dewy and smudge free.

Tedious but Challenging and Satisfying.

Anyway, after I reach home, as usual I would stretch my leg for a rest


I realise that both my legs still look radiant, smooth and soft.

What makes my jaws drop is when I realized my skin is plumped up and the fine lines seems to diminish

I am comparing the same spot of area which are circled in red

And it is really the same as I can recognize my own scar >.<

There are many fine lines before application on the left and the lines seems to diminish and more plumped up

Not only the area circled in red, of course.

Comparing both legs, even after about 12 hours of walking and basking in the sun, hot and sweaty

My legs still look so fresh, soft and hydrated.

But it is definitely the diminish of fine lines which drive me crazy.

I am of course buy over.

And it's only the Dry Leg Fix I am talking about here,

What about the rest?

I cannot imagine how toned up my body will be if I start using the Tummy Fix

A closer look at my skin for you to be jealous and envious LoL :DDD

Don't drool or "Wow Wow Wow"

Do something about it

I am not an expert in their products


I am very sure they have more information to share with you

Hop on over to

Nip + Fab Face book Fan page for promotions, updates and Give Aways !!!

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