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Friday, August 3, 2012

Color Artistry Made Easy By Lancome with Michelle Phan

I was invited by TANGS to attend the Color Artistry with Michelle Phan.

It was an eventful afternoon with loads of beauty tips and secrets.

Michelle shared with us the essential brushes for us to take along during our Summer holidays

The types of brushes for eye makeup and its functionality

As well as creating Long Lasting Double Eyelid WITHOUT Surgery

Yes . . .

You heard it right

Long lasting double eyelid without surgery


I was really stunned and surprised with her DIY method

The trick is to stick double sided double eyelid tape on your eyes consecutively for at least 2 weeks.

Even when you bath or sleep

Let's say if the tape drop or peel off?

Just take a new one and stick it back to the original place


You are not comfortable with having a tape on your eyelid consecutively for 2 weeks,

You can also sleep overnight with the tape and peel it off the very next day.

According to Michelle, the so called fake double eyelid will stay in place for the rest of the day.

I used double eyelid tape on my left eye too.

And whenever I removed my double eyelid tape after a day's wear (about 6-8 hours)

Even after double cleansing my face,

The double eyelid line or fold, you call it

IS Still Intact

It has never occur to me to stick it up during the night time, sleep through it till the very next day.


With Michelle's reminder, I am so going to try it.

Another interesting tip that Michelle share with us is the thickness of our brows.

A simple analogy:

The same painting will look big and filled with a thick border frame.

If you place the same painting in a thin border frame, the painting will look small and empty.

Likewise, if our brows are a wee bit thicker, the space between the brow and lid will significantly decrease

which induces your eye to seems bigger.

If your brows are slightly thinner, the space between the brow and lid will significantly increase,

which might make your eyes seems a little smaller.

The above photo spells it all, isn't it?

Well, be it thick or thin, you just have to find out which suits you better.

Thick eyebrow makes you look young and nice


Thin eyebrow makes your face shape look slimmer and lift it up.

The choice is entirely up to you.

As Michelle is Lancome Video Make Up Artist,

Lancome has also came up with a Limited Edition set inspired by her

The shades in Ombre Absolue Palette F95 is shimmering which is easily build up.

I especially love the grey which is ultra glittering and with few layers, I can easily have a soft smoky eye.

Understand that the Limited Edition set has temporary sold out,


Do keep a look out at Lancome Face Book Fan Page

Who knows they might restock due to overwhelming response.

Want to find out more about the different looks Michelle created with Lancome products?

Be Inspired, Get The Looks, Watch The Videos

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