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Friday, September 28, 2012

Secrets to Pore-less Skin

Ever wanted or dream of having flawless or poreless skin like some models or artistes do?

Benefit POREfessional is here to the rescue

I have a lot a lot a lot of visible pores on both my cheeks.

After toning, I dab just a wee bit of POREfessional on both my cheeks and middle of my forehead, nose and around my eyes.

 I totally skipped BB Cream or foundation and just want to try POREfessional on its own.

The texture is silky smooth and has a powdery feel. It is light weight too.

I apply my compact powder after POREfessional to set and my pores seems to disappear.

After about 6-8 hours outdoor, my T Zone is still pretty matt and my pores are still missing in action.

My friends wonder if I have changed my BB cream or foundation


I smiled and waved POREfessional at them.

I am concerned with my clogged pores

As I do experience them if I ever use the wrong products as my pores are pretty prone to clogging.

Since they are big, open and visible right?

When I washed my face upon reaching home,

I am surprised to see that my face or rather my pores are really clean and no signs of clogging at all.

I am very happy with my new found love.

At last, I can totally skip BB Cream or Foundation

And simply apply POREfessional and set myself with compact powder aftermath.

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