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Monday, March 18, 2013

Secrets to Slimmer Waist Line with Fairer Skin

A lot of people have been asking how do I maintain my weight and fairness.
It's actually no trade secret.
Just a few dollars spent and 3 simple steps.

Honey Lemon Enzymes

Enzymes are  biological catalysts to speed up chemical reactions.
They aid in in digestive and metabolism.
Both Honey and Lemon contains antioxidant properties and can reverse skin damage by the sun.
Lemon is of acidic base and contains loads of Vitamin C, hence aiding in digestion and skin whitening.
Ingredients used are:
(1) 500ml Honey
(2) 3 Lemons
(3) Some Salt
(4) 1 Glass Bottle

Simple steps :
(1) Wash the lemons clean and rub salt to the lemons and pat dry.
* Rubbing salt to the lemon prevents bitterness of the drink 3 days later.
(2) Slice the lemons thinly.

(3) Place the sliced lemons into the dry glass bottle.
(4) Pour the honey into the glass bottle.
(5) Close the lid really tight and leave it in the refrigerator for 3 days.
Directions for Consumption :
(1) Drink it every Morning on an empty stomach.
(2) Use a Plastic spoon to scoop a slice of the lemon together with some honey.
(3) Dilute it with Cold water.
Enjoy your Honey Lemon Enzymes Drink and let me know if you too find it effective too ;)

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