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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Japalang Presents The Beauty Bazaar Sales 2013

was really tied up on Friday and Saturday and could not make it for "The Beauty Bazaar" 

Reading through the feeds in Instagram and Facebook made it worse. 

I remember the cheap thrills last year when it was still held in the Ubi. 

I told myself repeatedly that I should not even think about it as there are still tonns of other beauty products unopened unused untouched. But Reality sinks in. 

And since it's the last day, it might be even cheaper and better isn't it? 

I finally sccummb to My evil thoughts and made a trip down about 4pm. 

Boy was I not disappointed. 

I just headed straight to the makeup collection. 

24hr 1 Day Tattoo Eyeliner Pencil : $9 

Luv Carat Loose Powder : 3 for $10 (up is $39.90)

G : 4 for $10 

Naruko : 3 for $19 

Aromatic Flower Diffuser : $5 

Hello Kitty Mask : 7 pcs FOC 
I have not tried Naruko produts before as they are a wee bit on the high end for me as a drug store brand. 

So I am really delighted to have their 3 star products for only $19 😘 

I am going to begin my Naruko journey today 😉 

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