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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Even Whiter Skin and Blemish Reduced In a Pill

 Actually I have a secret to share

A lot of people think that I have pretty good skin

And I will just smile and don’t reply

It is not that I am humble or what's not

It is well




I do not have good skin to speak about

I have thin sensitive blemish prone skin 

which will fluster easily under spot light or sun

Thank God that I have Awesome Make Up products

to "deceive" everybody around me 

That I am blessed with good skin 


I have always yearn to walk out of my home

without layering anything on.

Sensitive + Blemish Prone + Thin Skin

This is a tricky combination 

which I hope to cure from inside out


Even Whiter Skin + Blemish Reduced in a Pill





Pop a Pill and that's it 

This is what I was promised

And of course I was sold 

At S$89 per box of 21 capsules


Just 1 capsule once in the Morning after Breakfast 

with a Full glass of water 

I bought 2 boxes without any consideration.

Having religiously taking Skin Biotics for 4 weeks, 

I have noticed slight improvement to my skin

My skin is not that oily in the middle of the day, 

And my make up glides on easier, smoother.


I still put on light make up when I go out.

And after about 6 weeks, 

My skin has become Brighter, Clearer and More Moisturized

My Blemish has also reduced a bit during my Menstrual period

This is after about 8 weeks of consumption.

My skin becomes healthier, and more even color toned 

as well as

Glowing with Radiance :)

I have friends who sensed something "not right" about me

They asked if I am IN Love

Which I am not





Oh wait, 

Yes I am in Love

I am truly In Love with SkinBiotics

PS: want to know more about my new found Love, 

Hover over to SkinBiotics to find out more 


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