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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

First Step to Healthy Life Style : Organic Facial

It's been a week after my Organic Facial with Flare Wellness. 

My skin is definitely less oily with fewer visible pores, smoother and most importantly More Healthy Y(^_^)Y 

Serums and ampules are Better absorbed and I feel Fresh :) 

I have always been skeptical about facial, worrying about the aftermath purging and whatever is wrong with my skin. 

No hard selling of products and packages, I am free to walk in as and when I like. 

And Yea, I enjoy learning more about having a healthy lifestyle. Take a small step at a time, I am living my life again. 

By the way, first time trial is only $39 complete with a shoulder massage. 

I have started on my organic journey, have you? 

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