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Monday, February 13, 2012

Ossion Cold Moisturizer - Opening Enhancer

Have you babes heard of Cold Moisturizer and wonder how it works or means?

I was equally puzzled when I was first introduced to it.

My eyes went Big (O.O) and was quite unconvinced seriously.

I mean, even Coke has to be refrigerated to feel cool and refreshing isn't it?

Let alone a Moisturizer . . .

Initially I thought that it has to be placed within the fridge to feel cold or cool

But then again,

Every product will feel cool and cold if it is placed within the fridge isn't it?

Curiosity kills the cat and I try the Moisturizer.

Hey, it is quite a big plunge for me alright?

I have sensitive skin and will not want to risk my skin for any other trials

But then

Well . . .

I am R.E.A.L.L.Y curious and hence

I have used Ekanava Opening Enhancer for about a month now !!!!

A month ?!?!?!







It is not cold as in icy cold to touch but Cool Refreshing Feel when being applied.

It forms a smooth moisture barrier on my skin so that bacteria nor dust can penetrate through.

My skin feels moisturised and cooling even under the Harsh Hot Sun.

My skin no longer feels hot or red to touch

Neither can I see any flakes nor clogged yucky things on my face after a long day.

And wait, it does control oil well but there is still evidence of sebum on my T zone after about 6 hours.

Why I love this Opening Enhancer so much that I even used it during my Makeup Assignment?

Ekanave Opening Enhancer actually is infused with Gold which gives a hint of Radiance from within.

Can you spot the Glitters of Gold

Let me speck a little against a black background for you to judge for yourself

How infused Gold is within

Woo . . . Look at the Sparkles of Gold

Fancy applying Gold on your face

Isn't that pure luxury indulgence
Gold also Prevents and Lightens Spots, Freckles and Slows Down Aging caused by the Harmful Sun.

Not only does it contain Gold, it is also rich in Deep Sea Water, Plants, Honey and Sodium Hyaluronate.

Sodium Hyaluronate is a popular jab among Taiwan Celebrities to maintain their Firm and Youthful Skin.

So having Ekanava Opening Enhancer on my face is about the same as applying the jab on myself.

Amazing and Cheap isn't it?

You can drop by BHG Bishan or BHG Clementi to witness the Cooling Magic of Ekanava Opening Enhancer

If you already cannot resist the Cold Moisturizer like myself,

You can order online via Hankook Cosmetics

And Exclusively for Beauty Goodies Readers

Simply Key

Username : tangtang

Password : tangtang

to enjoy a Further 30% discount off the price.

Meaning, if the product is on 50% discount, you will have 50% +30% discount !!!

Woo . . . that is an amazing of about 80% discount in total !!!!

This is definitely the Bestest time to try or even stock up on the Cold Ekanava Opening Enhancer

Oh By the way, this is also suitable for Acne Prone or Eczema Skin too !!!

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