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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Struggling with Tee Tee Da Doo Doo

I wonder how many of you deals with Oily Acne Prone Skin even till adulthood?

I, for one does not have these Tee Tee Da Doo Doo during my school days.

I thought I was blessed with good genes and even thank my mum for it.


My nightmare has just began.

I do not have puberty tee tee da doo doo

Does not mean

I do Not have Adult tee tee da doo doo

And Yes

I have Oily Acne Prone Sensitive Skin

My skin loves outbreaks awfully and adores them to the max

Just a little single speck of dust can cause a huge bump on my face

So, you tell me

How can I not be excessive worried !!!

I visited National Skin Centre and many other super famous Dermatologists

And None helps.

One of them even tells me straight in my face

"I am sorry, I have done my best. I cannot help you."

I go blank.

What ?!?!?!?

Is my face really that difficult to handle that even Dermatologists cannot help?

I took to old grandmother tales of washing my face with Colgate.

Yes, your eyes are not failing.

I wash my face with Colgate.

I was told that Colgate is cooling and contains don't know what which kills bacteria

Hence I try.

Does it work?

Of Course NOT

So please do not try

Many other girls pack cosmetics in their pouch or bag

While I

I wash my face whenever I THINK that my face is oily

And Wow . . .

Washing your face frequently does not mean you are clean

It is even WORSE please.

So Please don't try






Is it the end of the world for me?


We must first understand the Root Cause of Acne

1 = affected skin, 2 = hair shaft, 3 = oil gland, 4 = bacteria, 5 = oil on surface skin

Acne is caused by infected oil glands on our face.  
These oil glands get chocked by our clogged pores hence causing a closed comedome or whitehead.
These whiteheads left unattended becomes blackheads.
These blackheads in turn becomes Acne.
Hence, Controlling of Sebum Production and Clearing of Clogged Pores
Is the answer to a Clearer and Oily & Acne Free Skin
And how do we exactly have Clearer, Oily & Acne Free Skin?
Therapeutic Dermatologic Formula (TDF) , a well-recognized prescriptive skincare brand
Which is only available via dermatologists, plastic surgeons, medical practitioners, hospitals and retail pharmacists
Has the Answer.

TDF has come up with the Oily and Acne Prone Regime which Cleanse, Tone, Control & Hydrate.

Therapeutic Dermatologic Formula (TDF) is now giving away Free Samples of their Best Selling AHA Facial Wash
You can now redeem your Free Sample at TDF Facebook Page 
As well as
Keep Yourself updated of the Latest Tips &Tricks of Skin Care
Defeat Breakouts with Acne Fighting Solutions from Therapeutic Dermatologic Formula (TDF)


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