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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Pampering Session with L'Espace Sante‏

I was having really bad skin about 2 months back, sensitive to most products and awfully clogged.

I used not to believe in facials thinking my face or skin would become worse after the session.

and those beauticians would tell me it is detoxification or purging of toxic from my body.

And honestly, I do not buy these stories.

I have experience with Sothys Paris years back when the beautician amazingly cured my then peeling skin.

Yes, C.U.R.E.D

And since I am having really bad skin and always yearning for Sothys Paris, I checked myself in with L'Espace Sante‏.

Sothys has a few outlets in Singapore and why did I check myself with L'Espace Sante‏?

Haha :DDD

L'Espace Sante‏ is located at Palais Renaissance

The location itself wins me over.

Yes, I yearns for such prestige building and environment.

Pricey? Seriously I do not know yet BUT I am prepared.

I courageously step into the boutique and waiting for the hard sales to begin.

I was prepared to just say "No" "No" and "No"

But well, I think too much.

Not only are the ladies friendly and kind, yes they share a lot of other useful tips with me

Most importantly, they are NOT sales driven at all.

Unlike other salons, before even you begin your facials, they will start to sell you packages and sing praises of their own products and services.

I mean, hey, you do not need to boost or sell yourself if you are good.

The products and services speak for themselves.

And since I am a firm believer in Sothys Paris, I know Sothys Paris works.

I was given a face analysis and diagnosis of lifestyle

Yes, they went down to nutty gritty details of my lifestyle, making sure of my habits and patterns

I was being introduced to Hydradvance Cosmeceutic Treatment

to receive Immediate and Long Lasting Hydration.

Immediate? Long Lasting?

In fact, dehydration is the root of all evil.

You might think that oily skin does not need hydration at all?!?!

You are wrong.

You might be having oily skin, yes.

But you still need hydration.

Dehydration causes premature skin, wrinkles, dull skin, pigmentation, skin congestion etc

Scary isn't it?

Our skin is actually like a sponge.

A dry sponge is more difficult to absorb than a wet sponge isn't it?

Don't believe?

Try it yourself at the back of your kitchen.

It is only when your skin is well hydrated or moisturized then can your skin be prepared to take in more other serums or essences.

Otherwise, they will all be only superficially applied at the top layer of your skin.

Anyway, let me share with you the Treatment procedure of Hydradvance Cosmeceutic Treatment

credits to Sothys Singapore

(1) Exfoliate

(2) Rehydrate

(3) Regenerate

(4) Plump

(5) Re balance

I almost fell asleep with the magic hands of the beautician.

The room is warm and cozy, and I felt comfortable sleeping on the Hot bed.

Yes, the bed I slept on is a hot bed which soothes and calms me down.

My feet is also soaked in warm water before we begin.

The session last approximately an hour plus plus

And I look at myself in the Ladies under White Clear Light.

Yes, I checked my skin under clear light so that I know I would not be deceived by the warm light.

My skin is cleared, more hydrated and definitely glowing with radiance.

I was pretty skeptical of course, wondering if the suppleness and radiance would last long.

My skin for the next couple of weeks looks supple and glowing with radiance though I did not apply anything on my face.

A lot of people ask if I have changed my base or foundation or BB cream

cox I look different.

And of course, I dint.

And how much is the treatment you may ask

Well, well . . .

Remember I was well prepared for the Hugh bill?

Na, I was wrong

I was given an Exclusive Promotion :

Exclusive Promotion (Valid till 30th June 2012):
Enjoy Sothys Treatment at 30% off + 50% off Active Contour Eye Treatment

*For 1st time customer only.
**Has to be purchase together with 1st trial treatment.

And how can I be so selfish not to share with you babes, isn't it?

Try the treatment for yourself and be an Icon of Eternal Beauty like Sothys Paris

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