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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Skin Quencher : Satsuma Body Butter

I walk past The Body Shop the other weekend and was attracted by the SALE visual display

and could not help myself, but to walk in.

Always have confidence in The Body Shop products

as they are against animal testing and commited to seeking and sustaining natural materials and ingredients.

I have sensitve combination dry-oily skin for my face


My body is awfully dry especially elbows, kneel caps and legs.

Cracks and fine lines, flaking and sometimes even peeling.

My body defintely does not reflect my real true age.

And I really hate it totally.

And since I am within The  Body Shop, I decided to grab a Body Butter for myself.

There it is

Satsuma Body Butter

Satsuma Body Butter has a refreshing cirturs scent and it lingers all day long.

It has a light fragrance but not overempowering like perfume.

I have even received compliments that I smell fresh and my body is radiant and looks soft.

And indeed.

My skin remains hydrated through the day and feel smooth and supple.

Though the texture is rich and creamy, it is pretty light and melts immediately into my skin.

Satsuma Body Butter is a god send for me indeed :)

And . . .

This zesty Body Butter contains Community Fair Trade

* Shea Butter

* Cocoa Butter

* Soya Oil

* Brazil Nut Oil

Not forgetting Satsuma Oil of course

A screenshot of the ingredients to put your Heart, Mind and Soul at ease

Want good immediate results?

Remember to massage the cream directly after bath.

It works and absorbs well on moist skin :)

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